Tyler Blackburn & Ian Harding photographed by Keegan Allen
July & August 2014

Anonymous: "where's the 'read her boobs the girl loves christmas' thing from?"

from a sneak peek :) 

make me choose: anonymous asked, Emily Fields or Aria Montgomery?

Anonymous: "Ok so what did the video mean did Melissa kill her or I don't I'm just sooo confused"

I’m actually not sure, Melissa did believe she was burying her dead, and she did mention that she buried her alive. However, I do believe that she killed Bethany unintenionally, because why else would she run from the law?

Anonymous: "I just wanted to let you know that I think you're amazing and worthy of everything you want in life ❤️"

This is the cutest message! :) thank youuu ❤️ thank you for taking the time to send this to me & for being so sweet :)

Celebrities warn against the dangers of binge-watching TV (x)