first of all thank you soo much for your message, I’m sorry it’s taken me ages to reply but i am really glad you like my blog :)… a lot of my theories are in my answers to questions that I get asked so I did make a page of my answered questions, and that was sort of instead of posting the theories separately. But I do have my hint’s and theory page that I haven’t updated for a while, the thing is when I do theories I like to have a lot of evidence and with PLL it can be quite difficult cause I change my mind daily about what’s going on haha. Anyway your questions;

Who do I think is in the Trunk? - I did think Jason but I really really hope it’s not, I hope it’s not ‘Ali’s’ remains because that would be discusting, I kind of want it to be Wilden cause I hate him & in the stills from 4x01 there is a new police officer so maybe he’s replacing Wilden cause he’s dead?

Who do I think the body was with the fake Toby tattoo? -  I didn’t think about this until now that more than one person could be dead. I thought (when the epsiodes were on) that this person was Jason because of the wound? where he had the mark that Mona put the bandage on in 3x14? but it could have just been a shadow im not 100% sure and the longer its been the more I’ve questioned it, it could just be a randomer though right?!

Toby’s Tattoo - He explained it as the day he ended his relationship with Jenna but you’re right it was the day Ali ‘died’/disappeared & I’m not sure if i believe that Toby has always been trying to protect Spencer, maybe ‘901 free at last’ marked when he was free from Ali & Jenna ?! 

And I honestly don’t mind, I love questions & I will try to post some proper theories when PLL is back on :) x 

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